15 short novels and novellas

Shorter novels, novellas, and collections of short stories are a great way to begin developing a reading habit. Here are some of my favorite short novels and novellas.

To Be Taught, if Fortunate
– Becky Chambers

– Hermann Hesse

Beast in the Shadows
– Edogawa Rampo

The Trial
– Franz Kafka

2001: A Space Odyssey
– Arthur C Clarke

The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea
– Yukio Mishima

The Picture of Dorian Gray
– DH Lawrence

The Inspector-General
– Nikolai Gogol

Dr Fischer of Geneva
– Graham Greene

The Pearl
– John Steinbeck

The Premonition
– Banana Yoshimoto

– Ayn Rand

– Karel Čapek

– Franz Kafka

– Voltaire

Your turn…

I’d love to hear about your favorite short novels, novellas, or collections of short stories in the comments below.

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